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Clinical Platform creates short form, video based patient and caregiver information for people that have cancer and then connects them to clinical trials. The purpose of our business is to improve the outcomes of cancer patients by providing easily accessible and retain-able information on the diagnosis of, treatments for and living with and any type of cancer.  It is a fact that better educated patients have improved outcomes. 

We educate patients and caregivers, we connect patients with clinical trials, we improve outcomes.

Focusing on clinical trials

  Our clinical trial system is broken and we aim to fix that. The problems facing clinical trial participation are multi-faceted.

•85% of patients are unaware that clinical trials are treatment options.

•Less than 5% of adults diagnosed with cancer will take part in a clinical trial.

•2/3 of trial sites do not meet enrollment requirements.

•No one entity in the clinical trial ecosystem owns patient recruitment and the process needs improvement.

•Relying on physicians, sponsors and CRO’s is not working.

 Our unique approach to improving awareness and patient accrual in clinical trials serves not only the patient but everyone in the clinical trial ecosystem. If you want to learn more contact us below.

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